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1920 to 1930 : German researchers started work on offensive biological viral agents using sheep as the biological hosts, called the 'VISNA Program', which research was conducted in Iceland. The genetic genesis of the subsequent early HIV viral strains some 30 years later bears a direct correlation to these early German VISNA viral agents. The genetic link to VISNA clearly establishes the fingerprint of man's genetic sequencing of the AIDS virus (see Patented material by US entities & personnel enclosed herewith).
Ø Source : Dr. Leonard Horowitz ; "AIDS & EBOLA; Nature, Accident or Intentional".

1945 : At the end of WWII both the US & Soviet forces competed against one another to overrun Germany & capture as much material, data, research & equipment from the ex-Nazi research warfare programs as possible. The US Forces, under 'Project Paperclip' recruited, protected and financed over 2,000 Nazi research personnel & their families (war criminals) to work for the United States by contributing to US defence, missile/rocket programs & intelligence services, as well as other military research programs. Prior to the final close of WWII, Germany had been developing its own 'Biological Bomb' (VISNA Program) which was modelled to accomplish the Aryan philosophy by virally targeting specific population groups globally. Nazi Germany had concentrated its human genetic diversity research by developing specific viruses to attack the identified genetic weaknesses of specific human populations who were considered 'inferior' & 'undesirable' to the Aryan Order of Life. Bovine carcasses, infested with the viral VISNA cultures, were repatriated from Germany & were 'cultured' in American research laboratories.
Ø Source : Dr. Leonard Horowitz ; "AIDS & EBOLA; Nature, Accident or Intentional".