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Origin of AIDS.com at http://www.originofaids.com

Most people believe that the origin of HIV, the AIDS virus, derives from some natural evolutionary event. Key among these HIV origin theories is the so called “cut hunter theory” in which a human, allegedly African native, received a bloody wound or infected splash while preparing a chimpanzee carrying a similar virus (i.e., SIVcpz). Most recent research, along with the scientific consensus, holds that the origin of HIV and AIDS could never have happened this way. Most heavily implicated, according to the most advanced research in this field, is the Merck pharmaceutical company’s early 1970s hepatitis B vaccine trials conducted on gay men in New York City and Central African Black villagers. Read Dr. Horowitz’s scientific feature article to learn more about this meticulously documented, albeit controversial, thesis.

International Vaccination Liberation Organization at http://www.vaclib.org

Vaccinations are not nearly as safe or effective as you have been told. Vaccination Liberation Organization is the largest international organization dedicated to delivering truth regarding little known health and safety risks of this method of infectious disease prevention. Visit us to gain access to the largest library of vaccine risk awareness literature in the world. Make sure you join our organization, start your local “Vac Lib” chapter begin making a difference in the health and lives of people in your area.

Healing Celebrations, LLC
at http://www.healingcelebrations.com

Sponsored by Healing Celebrations, LLC a company committed to developing and supplying natural health products and healing technologies, this site offers an array of interesting articles written from an alternative health care perspective. The featured text of the website summarizes a five step plan for people to take control over their health and disease recovery processes. This information is based upon Dr. Horowitz’s highly acclaimed book, Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science published by Tetrahedron, LLC.

Tetrahedron, LLC

Tetrahedron, LLC is a non-profit educational corporation that produces some of the world’s most revealing books and tapes in the health science and government cover-up genre. We educate people around the world on public health matters, including contemporary risks of terrorism, documenting conspiracies (not simply conspiracy theories), of personal and political importance for humanity’s survival. We also provide resources for natural healing to promote wellness in body, mind, emotions, and spirit..


C-Cure Private Membership Organization For People With Skin Cancer at http://steamventinn.com/ccure/

This website is supported by a members-only organization of skin cancer victors and friends. Most of the supporters are people who successfully used the natural plant known as bloodroot to terminate skin cancers which threatened their lives. See this site for startling before and after photographs of individuals who beat cancers naturally—almost all against the advice of their medical doctors.

Healthy World Distributing

Healthy World Distributing, LLC is the distribution company for Healing Celebrations LLC and Tetrahedron LLC. Our mission is "to efficiently supply local and international accounts with unique products for the mind, body, and spirit at a reasonably cost". Our growing catalog of award winning products include books, videos, audio tapes, compact disks, nutritional supplements, healing remedies, and environmental conditioning appliances for air, water, and electromagnetic fields. If your goal is to experience the highest levels of physical well being and to stay informed about the vital issues that impact your heath, Healthy World Distributing has got you covered.